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Spanish 101 fall 2017

This entry level course introduces students to the Spanish language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. In this interactive course, students learn and use the language by speaking, listening, reading, and writing at the novice level. They also examine and explore basic Spanish language structures and vocabulary. This course is intended for beginning students who seek basic proficiency in the Spanish language, students who want to take other Spanish courses, and students who want to learn Spanish for their personal enrichment. (FT). Associate Degree Credit & transfer to CSU and/or private colleges and universities. UC Transfer Course List. SPAN 100, 101-102 combined: maximum credit, 10 units.

Add:   09-01-2017
Drop with Refund:   09-01-2017
Drop without "W":   09-01-2017
Withdrawal:   10-27-2017
Pass/No Pass:   09-22-2017



Reach Prof. Estrada-Olalde Office:   AH-518 (d)
Telephone:   (619) 388-3785